About us?

We are manufacturers and distributors of natural and zootechnical additives for feeding any type of animals free of chemical residues and antibiotics
We create our products on the basis of the mixture of vegetal extracts and minerals

We offer our help to satisfy the need of information and advice of all those farmers with an interest in fulfilling the requirements of their farms in a natural and sustainable way.


An ability to meet the needs of farmers in a natural and sustainable way, requires an invest in R & D & I. Innovation is  indeed the fundamental basis of everything that goes on in our company. Our in-house laboratory dedicates its ample technical and human resources to scientific research, while helping to create the specific technologies needed to develop our products and produce natural solutions that are totally innovative.


To be referred as an in innovative natural solutions company, without residue, focussed in the nutrition and protection of the animal and the farm, that allow the farmer improve the quality and profitability of his farmrespecting the environment;



Through sustained and sustainable growth, generate value for our Customers. Be able to see a world with medicine-free animals.



√ Continuous innovation

√ Research and development

√ Business ethics

√ Honesty

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