AdiZest In

AdiZest In Compensates the deficiency of unique pro-vitamins and pro-nutrients to ensure balanced diet for maintaining good health and growth. Optimizes and maintains the production and activity of endothelial cells and cellular components of non-specific immune system (granulocytes and monocytes/macrophages).

Helps to optimize and maintain the non-specific and other defense mechanisms facilitates optimum production of lysozymes, complements etc and other lytic substances in serum and mucus secretions of skin, gills and intestine to protect against microbes, augments the production of immuno-globulins as well as lymphocytic population dynamics.

Facilitates proliferation of macrophages with increase in their number and size along with better phagocytic activity of macrophages and other cells. Helps to maintain the immune status of hosts prone to immune-deficiency & to help counteract the immuno-suppressive effects of most food contaminants and environmental pollutants.

Usages of AdiZest In:

  • Helps to adapt and to have higher threshold against stressful conditions and thus minimizes the loss.
  • Helps to regularize plasma corticosteroid level and thus prevents excessive protein catabolism.
  • Helps to minimize the depletion of Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C).
  • Optimizes general resistance and immunity development by its protein sparing effect.
  • Optimizes weight gain, feed conversion and livability, thus increasing farm profits
  • Helps to maintain strong body defence against bacterial, viral , parasitic infections such as White spot disease, Vibrosis, Heorrgagic septicaemia, EUS, Bacterial gill disease etc in fish and other aqua species
  • For optimum maternal immunity and higher livability in hatchlings, fry and fingerlings.


25 KGS , 1KG

Mixing Rate:

3gms/kg of feed