Since its foundation, the prime objective of our company has always been the pursuit of innovation through intensive research.   

We develop unique natural nutraceutical products and additives, designed to improve animal health and production.

We hold 2 worldwide patents.

These relate to preparation methods for products with a high triterpene content enabling us to obtain an extremely versatile “triterpenic extract” which can be used directly in a number of applications. They also allow the direct extraction of the triterpenes and triterpenic acids contained in previously purified agricultural by-products without using organic solvents at any of the process stages, from the original material right through to obtaining the said triterpenic acids.      


To become an essential strategic partner for the Animal Feed industry, providing a unique range of Natural Additives.

We are unique

Maximum Quality


Our mission is to provide the animal production industry with safe, natural and innovative products for better nutrition, easier handling, a reduction in stocks and significantly lower costs.

Natural Products

Safe and Innovative


Our nutraceutical products are totally natural and unique. Based on years of intensive research we have developed a range of products designed to improve animal health and production.   


Source of Hepatoprotective Natural Choline. Phytochemicals designed to replace Choline Chloride and Betaine. Available in powder and liquid form.


A natural alternative to Zinc Oxide (ZnO). Powerful antioxidants that help to develop resistant mucin.


Helps to maintain a natural physiological balance, neutralizing the pathogenic microorganisms present in the gut flora.


A natural alternative solution for Porcine Dysentery. Strengthens the animals’ intercellular antioxidant defences.


Helps to degrade the micro toxins and their metabolites in the gastrointestinal tract, eradicating the immunosuppressant effect.


A natural solution for the control of Coccidiosis. Acts at the first stages of the oocyst life cycle.